Transportation & Shipping

Are you interested in any of our puppies and you live to far to drive down or can’t pick up the puppy in person, then we can make arrangements for you to have the puppy on same day or next day delivery. The puppy would be shipped to the address you will provide to us( home delivery) . Delivery prices vary from city, state and country. In most cases the puppy would arrive within 2-8 hours within the US ,10 hours to Canada and 48 hours max international delivery from departure time. Sometimes delays occur so you’ll need to constantly check the puppy’s tracking number to see the shipping progress. 

Shipping Process

  1. We collect your details and the puppy you have chosen

  2. we take the baby to the pet delivery service

  3. we register and pay a delivery fee

  4. a tracking number is provided so you can track shipping progress

  5. Puppy is delivered within 24 hrs

  6. You have a new member in the family you can go check with your vet just to confirm.

      Delivery Requirements

If you decide to have a puppy shipped to you, we’ll need the following information: 

1. Full names( ID MUST HAVE SAME INFO) you’ll need to show the ID when you want to received the puppy.

2. State & City

3. Zipcode

4. Email address 

5. Phone contact 

    International Delivery Requirements 

International customers contact us for a quote if you decide to get a puppy shipped to you. We’ll need the following :

1. Full names ( Must be same as written on the ID)

2. The full names as written on ID as back up who can pick up your puppy in case of any emergency you’re unable.

3. Your physical address ( can’t be a post office box) 

4. Phone numbers you can easily be reached at  preferably 2 numbers.

5. The name of your COUNTY

6. Names of the 2 closest airports from you 

7. The puppy’s name 

It’s a safe and comfortable shipping process so don’t get mad when you hear a puppy can be shipped to you, shipping puppies is usually quite safe and every airlines taking live animals have procedures in place to be sure they arrive in good health. 

Refund policy: If you have any issue upon arrival or pick up of your puppy call or email us to notify us. We offer a 30 days refund guarantee.